Wednesday, May 23, 2007


A very wise general once said, “Never give an order you know is not going to be obeyed.” When I look back and analyze the decline and destruction of western civilization I believe abandoning the gold standard was the time bomb. Nothing else I can think of could have brought down western civilization. With a gold standard there would be no welfare state today. There would be no destruction of the nuclear family.

There would be no inflationary spiraling. There would be no illegal immigration invasion. There would be no complete moral breakdown. The physical boundary of a physical accountability currency would have purged out anti-survival threats long before they could bring down the whole system. You know the economy is completely out of balance when the essential workingman is barely surviving while many nonessential professions are raking in millions upon millions.

The day of reckoning looms on horizon. However, there is never a set prediction for the future, man always has the option through his action to determine his future. “The horse is out of the barn, the tooth paste is out of the tube, the train has left the station, no need to cry over spilled milk, a day late and a dollar short, you can’t turn back the clock," or some other metaphor is how I see it.

There is no painless way out of sleeping in the bed we have made. Not even the fall of the Roman Empire could destroy western civilization, but I assure you the welfare states can and will. The only burdens the government should have in a democracy are the responsibility for internal and external protection, and other administrative costs.

Then if the economy collapsed the government should still have enough treasure to survive to regroup. Our government has taken on the burden of supporting the welfare state and if the economy collapses the masses of dependents will be left with no means to survive. Even now, the US. government should be weaning itself of its masses of dependents burden, but is instead headed in the opposite directions and taking on more burdens.

In my view it is insane, shallow, and living in the moment. To me this makes our long term survival a roll of the dice. The only thing that is going to give western civilization a fighting chance is a lean and mean government with proud, independent, and self-sufficient nuclear families, otherwise get prepared to start praying several times a day. And lastly, you can write me off as a kook, so be it, but history will be the final judge.
I'm sure those that believes in one world government See me as irrelevant.



I hear all of this feel good talk going on about a booming economy. With the powers that be that may be true, but, the general public is not buying any of it. That is because more and more on a daily basis they are experiencing the dwindling buying power of the dollar. I believe there are too many variables involved in an economy to rely too much on intelligence. I believe time and history have produced a reliable tried and true ideology that is fail proof.

That ideology is: "Let the free market place work with unhindered competition." Now, if anybody thinks we have a completely free market place, I have some swamp land I'll sell you or give you a discount on the Brooklyn bridge. Number one is you can't have a completely free market place with government heavily involved in it. The governments job is supposed to collect taxes and protect the country from internal and external enemies, period.

That is because governments operates on power not supply and demand. The more government involvement the less of a free market place you will have. It may not seem like it, but, if the government had stayed with only providing community kitchen and community shelters, then the poor would be forced to depend on the extended family, the church, and social organizations.

That gives the poor the power with their numbers to dictate prices down to their level and they would be far better off today. But, as it is this global economy is going to collapse, it's just a matter of time before we lose it all with the course we are on. Sure, in the beginning the government helping the poor seemed like a good thing and still does to most the poor and general public.

However, government helping the poor and filling the role of sugar-daddy provider have destroyed our free marketplace. It has destroyed our culture. It have destroyed our family and moral values. It has destroyed our proud independent frontier like spirit. It has destroyed our manufacturing base. It has destroyed our ability to barter to survive if the economy collapses.

In terms of raw survival we are just about done. Still, we have the liberal media and the powers that be fiddling when we should be dismantling this welfare state to save our culture and ability to survive. I believe an economy is first about power and incentive. In a free country that allows unhindered incentive and competition the economy can produce far more than enough food to feed all of its citizens.

Whereas, in countries that are not free and chokes off incentives they can't even feed their own people. Why be productive and work extra hard when someone doing far less receives the same reward. That is the reason socialism will never work and will always eventually make everyone equally poor except a privileged few. Sure, our U.S. economy is booming, but the general public sees the hand writing on the wall and instinctively knows we are on a course toward disaster.

Everyday they see the illegal immigration invasion, the destruction of our culture, the destruction of the traditional nuclear family, the destruction of our family and moral values, the loss of our jobs and manufacturing base, and on and on. They know with no official national language we are well on our way to becoming Balkanized. I'll guarantee you you will never do official business in France other than using the French language.

In perspective terms this big government welfare state economy is not out there operating all alone it is tied to human nature and is the cause of every social and moral ill we have today. We cannot survive very much longer as a free country or if at all, unless this big government welfare state grip on the neck of the economy is broken. There is very little lasting enjoyment of love or anything without discipline.

The reason why a free market place with competition is so superior and successful is because of its built in discipline. If you take away hunger and a survival need you take away the discipline to motivate a great many people, our welfare state has done that. I hear some pundits in denial claiming that American will do tough farm work if you get the wages up to a living wage.

Bull, at twenty dollars an hour most wouldn't stay very long doing hard tough work out in the scorching heat because with this welfare state there is no real survival price to pay for lack of motivation. God knows I've tried to view the situation a thousand different ways. But, I can't see no way for the United States or western Europe to survive much longer as free countries unless their welfare states are dismantled.

History is my guide and the future will prove me right as by the fall of the Roman Empire. However, we are far worse off than the Romans because they didn't have a welfare state. In their case it was mostly the rich and well to do that were morally bankrupt. Whereas, our welfare state has made even the poorest of the poor morally bankrupt with masses upon masses with very little sense of self-responsibility or self-accountability.

The African American community has been devastated. We have almost a quarter of grand mothers having to raise their grand kids. We have approaching eighty percent of all black babies being born out of wedlock. With just twelve percent of the population black women make up nearly sixty percent of new AID cases. With just twelve percent of the population black males make up eighty percent of some prison populations.

Still, we have more churches than we've ever had, it seems like there is a church on almost every corner. Still, all I hear is feel good talk, talk, talk, and no answers with any bite or teeth. "Faith without action is wasted. Those who live and depend on hope die fasting. God helps those who first helps themselves." The African American community is the canary in the mine and I believe this even if no one else does, that the choices are, dismantle the welfare state and survive or keep embracing it and go down with it.

The fact is there is very little of what it takes for a nation to survive through hard times left anyway. The culture is shot all to hell. Our family and moral values are what come out of Hollywood and a strong masculinity nuclear family is seen as a buck tooth red headed step child. And, as for a last hope to survive through bartering, very few people know how to plant let alone have a garden.

Even if you have a garden it will take ten shotguns to protect it when hard times hit. All of these uninformed people that can't wait to "high tail it" out Iraq don't know or don't care that sixty percent of our ability to eat is based on keeping that whole region secure. Almost everything that keeps us alive is trucked long distance and those trucks don't run on air, they run on fuel made from oil.

I'm tired folks, I'm tired of preaching about the same thing, I'm tired of trying to educate the people, which the media should be doing. I know no one is listening, but if I can get through to just one thick scull, I guess it will be worth it. May God bless and keep the great United States Of America Always.
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The founding fathers almost to a man distrusted a democracy form of government. They all saw pure democracy as mostly mob rule. That is why we have the Electoral College and the senate was supposed to be an appointed body. The truth is we actually have a republic form of government. I think we are now paying the price for changing the senate to an elected body.

It is becoming clear more and more with modern scientific polling and political pandering that we are face to face with mob rule concerning the Iraq war. The political pressure to flee out of Iraq at any cost is actually churned up by mob rule and political polling. The mostly socialist minded liberal press makes sure the general public is kept ignorant of the dire consequences of leaving Iraq unstable.

They won’t tell the American public that that region contains about one third of the world’s supply of oil. They won’t tell the American people that fleeing Iraq will damage the American economy or may even destroy it. They won’t tell the public if we don’t get our sixty percent overseas oil supplies the eighteen-wheelers don’t roll and bellies may not be filled. The end result is we have a general public that is ignorant on what it takes for this nation to survive with oil as its lifeblood.

Make no mistake about it; this is all about power, the liberal press and liberal politicians knows these dire facts. But, they would rather milk the suffering, the grief, and low pain threshold for all it is worth.The technique rewarded them in 06, and like I said then, the liberals may be shallow but they are not stupid, they just think the general public is. They will not flee Iraq at any cost, but they will do just about anything to make the uninformed American general public think that they will.

The same reason is to again harvest the masses of antiwar "pie in the sky" votes like in 06. Now, they are back at the well for a double dipping in 08. The proof why they are pretending is they won't dare threaten to cut off funds. Sometimes if given enough rope one will hang himself. But, in my view the only thing that is going to save conservatives from another horse whipping in 08 is an all out blitz to educate the general public on the truth.

Sure, big liberal media is going to scream fear mongers, but the truth must prevail or conservatives are toast in 08. The general public sees the government as an omnipotent sugar daddy, especially women. They don't realize that our nice air-conditioned homes, the nice cars we drive, and the gas at the pumps are not automatic and a given.

The same ones cursing and raising hell about the sacrifices being made in the Iraq war will be the same ones screaming and complaining the loudest when no gas will be at the pumps if we flee. We all should be committed to stabilizing the place and then getting the hell out of there, but not before it is somewhat stable.
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A big problem as I see it is far too few people in this country truly understand how "A free market place is suppose to work." In my view most of the people in this country do not understand the theory and foundation of a free market place. What we have today is a system that is feeding on itself and using inflation to keep the fire burning.

I hear people calling into talk shows complaining that they were doing good when this person was in office and doing bad a month later when another person took over. Just because an economy is booming today doesn't mean the right thing was done to make the boom last. You can throw gas on a fire but it is not the same as putting a log on the fire that will last much, much longer. Now, who appointed me an authority on the economy, me.

The fact is I'm not an authority on the economy, I'm just a writer with a lot of common sense. Socking it to the rich and spending heavily on construction and social programs is like throwing gas on the economy because it can't last and will bankrupt the country in the long run. Believe it or not the truth is an economy is just like life itself it must have a rebirth cycle sooner or later. Nothing can go on and on forever.

True wisdom dictates that the kind of nurturing a nation has in place to support a rebirth is really what matters because time is running out on us. That is why good morals and family values have been so important throughout history. That is why almost every society known to man has had some type of religion. Understanding a free market place actually is fairly simple if you go back to the beginning.

The beginning and foundation of an economy actually boils down to being able to produce or create something of value. The second stage is trade by bartering, which is a crude and inefficient means of doing business. The problem with bartering is one can only barter with those that need or want what one has to offer. That can causes one to end up with an over supply of something that one can't get rid of.

Therefore, some type of a currency was a must. The next stage was developing a currency. A currency can be anything that is rare, valued, and in demand. Some prisoners have been known to use cigarette as a form of currency. African tribesmen uses cattle as a form of currency. The civilized world first used gold, gold coins, or some other precious metal as a currency.

Throughout history until late in the twentieth century a currency was always something of physical value or backed up by something of physical value. Not so any more, most world currencies are backed up only by faith and the paper it is printed on. In terms of being real money there is no difference between our money and monopoly money, except the word "Faith." Civilization was built on physical reality, not trust and faith.

In the early stages someone figured out why carry around all of that heavy gold, just let a paper bill represent a set amount of gold locked away in a safe place. That is the way it stayed in this country until president Richard M. Nixon took us off the gold standard. When all currencies had to be backed up by a set amount of gold the biggest problem for a businessman was raising enough capital to expand because the government and banks could not print money without the gold backup.

About that time someone figured out if a business wanted to expand why not divide the business into many shares and sell the shares to the public. That idea was the beginning of the stock exchange and was one of the biggest breakthroughs to modern day economics. Another big breakthrough to modern day economics was the invention of compound interest. That said, this is about all one needs to know to under the basics of how a free market place should work.

One can get lost in all of the other technical stuff which is basically policy procedures. We have ignored two natural laws of economical long term survival. The two natural laws are rebirth and relativity. You see, morals, values, and the economy are relative to one another and rebirth is life itself. Nothing mentally or physical can exist without a rebirth process. Good morals and values are what sustains a society when a rebirth do take place, its not a matter of a rebirth taking place, its a matter of when.

A physical accountability currency was the counter balance that used small rebirths to purge out over powering threat to good morals and values. Now there is nothing to save our morals and values because as humans self interest controls us, there must be a physical barrier ultimately. Sure, I keep screaming about privatising social programs that I'm sure is our last hope to save our culture, but I know the liberals have created too many dependents and it's not going to happen.

Now, only divine intervention can save the greatest run of individual freedom to ever exist. The key words self interest struck a chord with me, these two words are awesome, they speaks volumes. These two words are behind almost every social problem we have today. They are why the nation is split straight down the middle.In my view they places us at a crossroad and which way we go determines weather we as a nation survive or parish.

As a rule people are going to vote for what they perceive to be in their self interest. Today reason and what is actually best for the long term survival of the country lags behind. Our welfare state is what has caused these two almost equal schools of thought concerning self interest. Our welfare state has conditioned masses of dependent minded people to view government as the great provider.

These people have closed their minds and decided who they think is going to do the most for them, subject closed. As far as they are concern any abstract reasoning is just pesky noise and they don't want to hear it. Almost nothing seems to matter to these people, not character, not the country, not the future or anything if someone panders to their self-centered self-interest.

They do understand that the government survives on taxes but their reasoning stops there. They can't seem to make the leap to the other side of the coin and understand that too big of a tax bite will kill the goose that lays the golden egg. They don't understand the human factor and view the rich as just another material cog in a giant machine. They can't see that the rich even more so as all of us only works harder to receive a bigger reward.

The rich as all of us feel why should they work their tails off and receive no greater reward than someone that haven't done anything. That is why communist and socialist government stays poor because there is no incentive to reward self interest. Sure, the poor should not be neglected but that is the job for the nuclear family, the church, or the community, not the government except as a last resort.

You can write me off as a kook, because I for one think it is insanity to believe that big government will always be able to provide for us from cradle to grave. Once we got off the gold standard at that point we entered a no mans land.At that point we threw away the economical compass with no way back home. Now we are caught up in an ever increasing inflationary spiral and who is in power only determines how fast we spin out of control.

We don't have to be sitting ducks there is always something we can do. Privatising social programs would give us a fighting chance to save our morals and values to nurture the rebirth that is going to happen. Because there may be divine intervention there is always hope. There is a reason why most of the world is poor and will always be poor. There never has been and never will be a rich and prosperous nation without a lot of rich people to make it happen.

Poor nations tend to rule with power and a very few super rich or privileged class. I, for one say thank god for American corporations and rich people. American corporations are the envy of the world and very well should be. Yes, I hear all of this jobs going overseas talk. But, the truth is high taxes, regulations, codes, and other mandates forces American businesses into a "Fail or sail" position.

To those that want the borders locked as tight as a drum! As a writer I grant you your wish. The borders are now locked as tight as a drum. Now, "let me ask you, have you thought the whole matter through and looked at the big picture." No, you haven't, but you will because we are going to get awful hungry. With our welfare state you can't get Americans to do the hard tough farm labor in blazing heat.

Even the poorest of the poor will not do farm work at decent wages. Now don't get me wrong, something need to be done to stop illegals from entering the country, but its not starving. Other than starving a lot of things can be done. But, anything less than downsizing big government and privatizing social programs is not going to stop this moral decay flesh eating swamp monster from chasing us down and feasting.

Poor nations all over the world would be jumping with joy to have even one powerful corporation. Without our powerful corporations, with the deteriorating conditions of our morals and values we would be worse off than most third world countries. I understand constructive criticism, but all of this nit-picking is self serving. Where the hell do all these socialist thinking dependent minded ingrates think jobs come from, jobs don't just drop out of heaven.

"Calm down, calm down, now." we are all good Americans. We don't have to be of the same mind-set to love one another. Let me, Freddie l. Sirmans, Sr. say this to all responsible Americans of sound mind and good moral judgement, sure, our freedom and great country is starting to be threaten from within. But, take comfort that "The lord works in mysterious ways" and what may seem to be a complete disaster may in fact be "A blessing in disguised."

We all can decide and should treat all people well because each side feels the other is wrong, ignorant, and uninformed. After all, life is about balance, not about extremes. I can wish all people goodwill no matter how they treat me, I can wish all people goodwill no matter how they treat me, I can wish all people goodwill no matter how they treat me... Divine intervention and mother nature is sending a message and warning us to get ready and be prepared.

In times of emergency we depend almost entirely on paid caretakers, which is good. But, long term survival as a nation demands much, much more. Every basic family unit must be conditioned and prepared to take initiative and survive as an individuals unit in case of a natural disaster, a nuclear disaster, a chemical disaster, a biological disaster or whatever. Plus, never forget there may come a time when there may be no pay forthcoming, still we must be prepared and conditioned to continue on.

All of the signs shows of our coming struggle to survive as a free nation. I, Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Must keep on shouting to deaf ears.I believe it is my destiny to get out the massage. Sure, many of my views are cold, hard, and extreme because genuine wisdom can be a divine gift that should be shared for the sake of future generations even if it causes one to be hated and scorned at the time.

Many has realized twenty, thirty or fifty years later with deep reverence and tears in their eyes that that hated disciplinarian was the one that really gave them the tools to survive.


I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that big liberal media will for once turn on liberal politicians concerning the Iraq war. If it do happen it will guarantee a conservative presidency and both houses plus a filibuster proof senate in 08. I base this on the outrageous ridiculous absurdity behavior of some liberal politicians concerning the Iraq war. After all, there is a limit to what even big liberal media can digest. We all are America I thought?

My God! When will some realize right or wrong we all are America and the survival of the country should be more important than any one individual, group, or political party. Whether you agree or not the economical survival of this nation depends upon stabilizing Iraq. It can and must be done for this country’s survival economically. I agree, damn the weak timid nay Sayers, full speed ahead.

With the full weigh of American power and know-how there is almost nothing that can't be accomplished. The problem is too many soft individuals with weak survival instincts, thanks to our big government welfare state. In my view, the soft life have produced masses of “Me-first, I-want-mine, I-want-it-all” egotistical maniacs.
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I heard the tape of the actor father ranting at his young daughter. I’m going to weigh in here because I think there is a message here that separates real conservatives from pretenders. The first thing is no decent responsible person will condone the name-calling and language that father used. But the heart of the matter here is how to raise kids.

In my view a genuine conservative will chastise the father for his bad language and uncontrolled temper, but no genuine conservative will get on a bandwagon to crucify this father. In my view this issue is the number one reason for what is wrong and destroying this country. It is the ill-raising of children. Raising kids is all about teaching a kid for eighteen years how to be a productive citizen.

Too many parents see a child as a love item, someone to pamper and dote on. Too many parents want to keep the child happy and pleased instead of preparing the child to be prepared to deal with the real world later. Before this big government doomsday welfare state came about a parent would pay dearly for raising an irresponsible child. The parents would have no one to care for them when they got too old to do for themselves.

The name of the game is perspective and balance. Sure, abuse of any kind is destructive and can damage a child for life. But on the other hand this country has went too far in the opposite direction. A young mind will adapt and learn how to deal with frustration in a healthy way unless clearly outright abused. The way many parents are spoiling and pampering their children it is no wonder many teens now-days are drinking alcohol, chasing illegal drugs, and going deaf on rap music.

Many kid’s now-days can’t see a real purpose to life. I’m telling you discipline is what gives purpose and meaning to life. In my view it is better to put a whelp on a child's behind than to have a crying mother up at night worried out of her mind eighteen years later. And in many cases the kid may be too far-gone on drugs or into crime with only two choices left, prison or death.

This is what the liberals and their welfare state has done to this once proud “I-don’t-want-your charity” great predominant Christian nation. It has devastated the African American community more than anything else. I never have and never will condone abusing a child in any way, but, by the same token I think it is just as damaging to fail to prepare a child to deal with real world frustrations.

It is the same as turning a tame animal loose into the wild and expecting it to survive. Many children and adults can’t cope, that is why so many of the young and old are on legal and illegal drugs. Only discipline will force one to learn how to deal with frustrations the old fashion way, without drugs. Thank you God for my life, health, and strength, saying this will calm any frustrated mind if repeated enough times. Read Freddie L. Sirmans books for all of the answers.

Lose weight without trying.
Anyone familiar with my writing knows that I have a super strong belief in “positive thinking” to change behavior. To those that don’t know what positive thinking is, I will explain. It is a technique to change behavior; take a phrase or quote and repeats it over and over to yourself. It doesn’t need to be repeated aloud.

However, to be effective it must be repeated at least fifty or more times every day. The more times it is repeated the faster it will work because it is the repeating process itself that breaks through to the subconscious. To apply the technique to losing weight one first must decide on a desired goal weight.

An example: If ones desired goal weight is “150LBS,” then one must visualize 150LBS when repeating the positive thinking quote. This is a new more powerful quote that I have just developed and is testing it on myself, and decided to share it with you. Hopefully, we all will physical reach our goal weight.

The quote is: “I'm going to keep my weight down to “X LBS.” through God which strengthens me.” The through God part can be omitted or changed to fit ones own deity. It may take as long as six months to fully kick in, but if one doesn’t quit the repeating process is guaranteed to get results. Just keep saying the quote, God will make a way out of no way. Mighty forces will come to your aid.

Health tip bonus:
A heaping tablespoon full of any leafy vegetable mixed with your meal at least twice a day will ease almost all digestive problems.
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The conservatives may win the presidency, both houses, and a filibuster proof senate in 08. I base this on the gravely miscalculation of big liberal media and liberal politicians. These two groups think the polls concerning the Iraq war is in line with their own unpatriotic and shallow views. They are wrong, the problem with the general public is it is uninformed and dependent minded.

This comes from years of big government handouts and liberal propaganda 24-7. The American public is the most religious and conservative people in the industrialized world. To an informed person it is obvious that liberals are good and decent people, but they are shallow and mostly irresponsible. They tend to have the gift of gab and are experts at shifting and placing blame. So, with an uninformed general public the flamboyant and smooth talkers with their "Course of least resistance" will ante up the survival of this great nation for personal power.

Lets just say, we pull out of Iraq and bring the troops home. What the hell do you think the irresponsible liberal media and liberal politicians think will happen? Huh, think, they haven’t thought it through because they are in denial and feel we will cross that bridge when we get to it. God help us, with 300 millions mouths to feed and we have irresponsible people risking the survival of this whole nation without thinking things through.

A responsible person knows that if we don’t get our sixty percent overseas oil supplies the eighteen wheelers don’t roll, and no amount of wishful thinking or shifted blame is going to fill empty bellies. Big liberal media will never inform the American general public what I’ve just told you. That region over there contains about one third of the world's supply of oil. Even if no one takes me serious or believe anything I say I believe I’m right about my concerns. Amen.