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The first thing is I think we can forget about a depression happening in this country. That option has been taken away from us because of our big government provider role. I think what we are going to face is something that is much, much worse. I think what we are headed toward is chaos and total collapse if we don't wake up as a nation.

I don't think any government should ever take on a long term role as a provider, period. We have created something on a mass scale that has never happen in the history of mankind. We have lulled ourselves into a false sense of security on a mass scale. Never have so many people become almost totally dependent on a provider government with a vanishing nuclear family structure and no strong moral code intact as a security blanket.

Without these protections in place when faced with hunger and other survival struggles we could turn on one another and the expression "Dog eat dog" will be an under statement. With the whole world's unquenchable thirst for oil and all kinds of terrorist and economical threats out there, a severe calamity could hit any moment. Just think about it, what would happen if our economy collapsed. Huh, Most people will look at you like you are a kook, because most people in this land of mass big government dependency is asleep.

Just like a little kid will think milk and eggs comes only from the grocery store, most people think the government can't go broke because it will always be able to squeeze another dollar out of tax payers. Not true, the government can and will go broke or make money worthless by flooding the economy with worthless money. In my view we have gotten too far away from the basics, our food supply and almost everything else has become mass produced, centralized, and trucked long distance.

All of this requires oil, oil has almost become the nations only life blood we can't survive without mass supplies. If for whatever reason the government couldn't make it payroll, there is no backup plan to survive in this country without money. If a depression did hit us we would zoom right pass it to the next stage because people would be rioting in the streets. The people would have no means of surviving without their checks.

The government would have no choice but to print worthless money to buy time. But, after about three months of printing worthless money it would have no value. With money being worthless there may not be any dependable law enforcement. During emergencies we depend almost entirely on paid caretakers. Well, what would happen if money is worthless and there is no pay.

Huh, you haven't thought about it, but in a struggle to survive nothing should be ruled out. With our nuclear family in shambles and our moral and family values at it lowest there is nothing to stop us from going for each others throats. It could mean the survival of the meanest and the baddest, it could mean every man for himself. Anybody with real wisdom in this country knows that big government dependency is eventually going to destroy this country but politically don't know how to do anything about it.

True wise men and women have long realized we should dismantle big government to save our culture, but like myself knows it's not going to happen. I hate to admit it but we are past the stage of no return we all are too government dependent. In the eyes of nature our circumstance is normal because for a country to survive long term, rebirths must take place every so often. Just look at our economy, almost everything is out of balance.

People can't pay their bills. People are in debt way over their heads. Still, there are many people rolling in dough. Just look at the tax system, it is a disgrace, still, I get suspicious anytime they start talking about simplifying the tax system because in the past it always ended up in worse shape. I'm one that don't buy this idea that the poor or low income shouldn't pay income taxes. I think everyone should pay their fair share even if its not but a penny.

I think we should have a system where everyone pays a flat rate at a fixed percentage with a ascending sir charge rate table for upper income levels. Also, provide a ascending discount rate table for the poor and low income, no deductions and excuses for anyone, period. All one would need to do was look at the rate chart and fill in four or five blanks spaces, done. Also, I have enough faith in the American people to believe they would still support their favorite charity.

That way everybody would pay something, no one would go Scott free. The rich could no longer escape through tax shelters. Plus, like it is now, why should the poor care about income tax increases, they don't have an investment in the system, someone else is caring the load.The poor always seem to find a way to play the lottery, why not make a small investment in their own country. After all, their votes cancels out tax paying votes.

Sure, its tough love but I'm one that doesn't believe in pampering anyone. You never let the poor drown but the fact is you only help the poor by forcing them to try to help themselves first. Otherwise, you cross that thin line and create a life long handicapped dependent. Many will think I'm cold and mean, and when it comes to the survival of this great country, I am. Peace, I rest my case.

There are so much crud and other obsolete stuff built up in the economy that only a rebirth can save the whole thing from collapsing. But, the sad thing is we don't have a strong nuclear family and moral value system in place to nurture us through a normal rebirth. It is good that we live in a land of luxury and plenty, but it can lull one into a false sense of security. Actually it only takes food, shelter, and warmeth to survive.

Sure, these three simple things are taken for granted and is seen as a given, but don't kid yourself about their importance. One can't eat a fine car or a million dollars. It may come a time when a garden and a shotgun is worth more than a million dollars.

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.
The main problem today as Mr. Sirmans sees it is the general public doesn’t know the basics on what makes a free market economy work in the long run.

That is why the big government tax and spend advocates can distract and run their shell game successful. You name it, drugs or whatever almost always give pleasure in the beginning.True honor should go to those wise and unselfish leaders who will place what is best for the long term survival of this great nation over what the polls say uninformed people want to hear. Like a good responsible unselfish parent will prepare his child using tough love now so the child will have the tools eighteen years later to survive and be a productive citizen.

High taxes and mass social spending will always lead to a lack of accountability, moral decay, socialism, and finally a poor and bankrupt nation in the long run. There is no getting around this fact and we as a nation is well on our way down this destructive path. Plus, if the liberals regain control it will greatly speed up this downward spiral. All of this job talk which is a good example of a lack of understanding on how wealth and jobs are created.

Far too many people believe jobs just drop out of heaven and they should be guaranteed one. In a free market economy nothing could be further from the truth. The first thing is there is a world of difference between those who create jobs and those who don’t. Jobs are created by those with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and sense of altruism. Believe it or not, its just that simple. Without a big pool of these type of people no nation can grow or stay prosperous.

Lack of these type of people is why wealth and prosperity always eludes communist and socialist governments. The key word in producing these type of people is “Incentive.” The more incentive you have the more of these type of people you will produce. Broken down that means higher taxes equals less incentive, lower taxes and less government mandates produces many more of these job producing type people.

A great many Americans see the superficial sugar coating of the economy as the real thing. That is why for over forty years the liberals was able to con and fool the people and stay in power by temporary booming the economy. They did it by socking it to the rich and raising all kinds of taxes, license fees, rules, regulations, and mandates on businesses, pretending to help the poor. Then they would use that money to spend heavily on construction and social programs that would actually boom the economy.

But, look at where the poor are today. They are worse off because higher taxes and mandates on businesses will always hurt the poor the most. To the poor and unknowing any boom is seen as gospel and proof enough of what is best, and it truly is for a short amount of time. But, in the long run that type of thinking will destroy a society and is what has got us in the fix we are in today. That ideology is“Killing the rich goose that lays the golden egg."

It is destroying the nuclear family and moral values. It has create masses of do-for-me dependent that don’t have to and won’t do hot tough farm work. It has destroy our will to control illegal immigration. The supreme law of human existence here on earth is based on need. If no need exist, the existence of the unneeded given time will cease to be.In the long run only limited government, limited taxes, limited rules and regulations, and limited social spending will save our civilization.

Sure, liberals are good Americans and love America dearly, but they lack the proper foresight and survival instinct and should not be in power. Since the new deal they have just about destroyed western civilization and will finish it off if allowed to reign supreme again. The sad fact is after many years of social spending we have far too many people with dependent mentalities. These people see big government as the great provider nipple that will never run dry.

In the beginning all economies started with people bartering with one another, even during the great depression many doctor bills were paid with chickens and pigs. A person can eat only so many chickens or any other commodity. That is why gold was used as the first currency. Something was needed that was rare and valuable so one would not end up with too much of something they couldn't use or benefit from.

Paying taxes have been around probably as long as civilization. The old saying is true “Businesses don’t pay taxes people do.” You can say it’s taxing business but actually it’s taxing the public or some part of it. A business must make a profit or go out of business. Out of that profit the business must restock, pay taxes, pay labor cost, and all other expenses including living expense.

So when business taxes and other government mandates are raised it will first squeeze the proprietor's living expense because of competition. But, eventually the public must pay a higher cost for the same goods and services because without a profit margin the business will have to close and jobs will be lost. Sure, it make sense to tax a businessman on his take home pay and personal expenses, but to tax a business in general is in fact raising the cost of living on the public or some part of it.

The higher the taxes and other government mandates are on business the higher the cost of living on the public. That is why we can no longer buy a coke for a nickel. That is why the public loses ground on every new round of tax raises. That is why almost everyone is going deeper and deeper into debt. That is why in most cases it take both parents working to raise a family. But, the real concern is the future because "Every road has to end somewhere."

In the old days before big government became a social provider you had what was called a boom and bust cycle in the economy. Most will argue that that was a very bad thing, but Mr. Sirmans is one that’s not so sure anymore. The reason he is not so sure is the economy is not operating out there all alone. There are many things tied to it , especially things like moral decay, lack of accountability, decline of the nuclear family, etc. Man will never be able to get rid of the boom and bust cycle, but modern economist has learned how to vastly extend the cycle.

If government was not a social provider prices would stay low and coincide with the amount of labor expended. As it is now there is almost no relationship between price and labor because government spending supplies enough poor people and the masses with funds to keep prices high for everyone. Once off the gold standard there is no physical limit to how far an economy can expand, of course inflation is a factor, but the printing presses will still keep rolling.

We now have compound interest, stocks, bonds, and all kinds of financial arrangements taking place, making it possible to extend the cycle on and on. But, the downside is moral decay, lack of accountability, the deterioration of the nuclear family, out of control immigration, violent crime, and almost every traditional value is galloping out of control. There is no physical or legal means of controlling hardly anything of moral or family value anymore.

In the meantime this “Moral decay swamp monster” has already started licking and smacking it's lips getting ready to eat us all alive unless the social program swamp is drained, some how. This welfare state is fast approaching a balance shift when enough people with weak morals and character will start determining this nations future. Then we will be at one another's throats with far too many people not taking responsibility and blame will become the name of the game.

Like the bumper sticker says, "S... Happens, to err is human," responsible people accept responsibility and move on, successful people don't dwell on the negative, period.Lastly this idea that big is always better with all of the giant business mergers is way out of line with mother nature and the laws of natural selection. The best assurance of survival in the long run is always based on variety unless something is rotten in Denmark.

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