Wednesday, May 23, 2007


A very wise general once said, “Never give an order you know is not going to be obeyed.” When I look back and analyze the decline and destruction of western civilization I believe abandoning the gold standard was the time bomb. Nothing else I can think of could have brought down western civilization. With a gold standard there would be no welfare state today. There would be no destruction of the nuclear family.

There would be no inflationary spiraling. There would be no illegal immigration invasion. There would be no complete moral breakdown. The physical boundary of a physical accountability currency would have purged out anti-survival threats long before they could bring down the whole system. You know the economy is completely out of balance when the essential workingman is barely surviving while many nonessential professions are raking in millions upon millions.

The day of reckoning looms on horizon. However, there is never a set prediction for the future, man always has the option through his action to determine his future. “The horse is out of the barn, the tooth paste is out of the tube, the train has left the station, no need to cry over spilled milk, a day late and a dollar short, you can’t turn back the clock," or some other metaphor is how I see it.

There is no painless way out of sleeping in the bed we have made. Not even the fall of the Roman Empire could destroy western civilization, but I assure you the welfare states can and will. The only burdens the government should have in a democracy are the responsibility for internal and external protection, and other administrative costs.

Then if the economy collapsed the government should still have enough treasure to survive to regroup. Our government has taken on the burden of supporting the welfare state and if the economy collapses the masses of dependents will be left with no means to survive. Even now, the US. government should be weaning itself of its masses of dependents burden, but is instead headed in the opposite directions and taking on more burdens.

In my view it is insane, shallow, and living in the moment. To me this makes our long term survival a roll of the dice. The only thing that is going to give western civilization a fighting chance is a lean and mean government with proud, independent, and self-sufficient nuclear families, otherwise get prepared to start praying several times a day. And lastly, you can write me off as a kook, so be it, but history will be the final judge.
I'm sure those that believes in one world government See me as irrelevant.



  1. Excellent post Mr.Sirmans! My own father is a Lt.Col, I have nothing but the highest regard for military men. I realize the importance. Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend, dear Sir.

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    Your posts are very interesting. I'm a young french man and your blog is perfect for me to improve my english knowledge, first, and second, your opinions are well explained, your patriotic feeling is impressive, that's what I like in the United States. I'll continue to read your posts.


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  5. The abandonment of the gold standard was perhaps a rash move. I am speaking of course from the perpective of someone who has lived their life without it. To me, that move seems to have placed too much trust in the corporations to regulate themselves. Some of your previously stated concerns all seem to find a root cause in lack of security. You would be hard pressed to find a working person with confidence in an employer provided pension. I am only 31 and lack confidence in the pension promised by our own Federal Government!
    In the free market system, giant corporations have aquired most of the businesses we use every day and have no higher authority than the bottom line.
    This lack of accountability to the human element has been the single most damaging factor in my lifetime.

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  7. Fred,

    Thanks for the comment. Interesting, well, while I consider myself a center-left, I am sick of double-talking jive and see the need for bi-partisan solutions.

    I try and blend the personal and the political, because belief is essential to being human. Keep writing, I enjoy your stuff.

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  9. I’m no economist but I agree with you. Prof Reuven Brenner at McGill agrees with you, too, about the Gold Standard. Without it, all we have is a bunch of smoke and mirrors—and the system, as we have seen with the ever-widening gap between rich and poor since the 1970s, seems to only move as a way to prevent people from pointing the finger and saying, ‘The emperor has no clothes.’

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  12. I certainly see the downfall, though I'm afraid I don't agree with your measuring stick. Going off the Gold Standard was an awful idea, right up there with the Federal Reserve.

    I fail to see how it directly effects the nuclear family...or many of the other things you touched on...but very interesting stuff.

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  13. I certainly see the downfall, but I don't think we use the same measuring stick.

    Getting off the Gold Standard and the creation of the Federal Reserve was a serious mistake we're still paying for that very few people pay attention to. I don't know how closely it relates to the destruction of the nuclear family or immigration...but you bring up some interesting ideas.

    Personally, I think we have a social responsibility to take care of the poor even if the burden seems inconvenient. Our current system is fucked six ways from Sunday, but I can't see cutting people loose if they can't help themselves.

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  22. This is indeed an excellent post!

    It's really difficult sometimes when Governments tend to make msitakes along the way and the simple layman has to face the consequences. But overall, we as human beings, have the choice to determine our future and hopefully, we make the right ones.

  23. Hi Freddie: Well, first of all thank you for your comment on my website. It's always interesting getting in touch with people from other cultural and linguistical domains, like yours.
    I don't know much about the gold standard, but I suppose it has a lot to do with a fair redistribution of the national income, with the protection of the economical and social background of many vulnerable american families and citizens. In Latinamerica, and specifically in Colombia, the situation is similar, since at the end macropolitics and macroeconomics are designed copying northamerican and european standards of welfare. On the other hand I've observed that well trained and educated individuals have it very difficult to migrate to the USA, while the very poor people with no signifficant education or knowledge just croos the US frontiers illegally and worsen your problems, I suppose.
    Greetings from Bogotá, Colombia.
    Thilo Hanisch L.

  24. Hi Freddie,
    Here's another comment in return for yours, for which I thank you.

    You and I agree. I wish there were more people out there with your understanding and common sense.

  25. Hi again: I wanted to share this humor video I recently edited, as a parody of the next presidential electiones. Bye.

  26. It's interesting to note that in the absense of a "welfare state," we'd have a social Darwinian state, and even Darwin wasn't for that. Letting the weak die might improve us in a physical, genetic sense, but would weaken us morally, in the end doing us more harm than good. That, anyway, was Darwin's view.

    I always wonder if people who carry on about the welfare state realize just how much they benefit from it, whether or not they currently receive any entitlement payments or social services. The reason, after all, that our society is generally a nice place to live is that we have a social service system that keeps it that way. Drunks, addicts, criminals, the mentally ill, the mentally retarded, juvenile delinquents going bad, the very frail elderly - all the people who require some attention get it, or at least have a chance of getting it, so they're not lying in the gutter for you trip over.

    Yes, yes, I'm all for personal responsibility. But come on. You benefit hugely from the very system you're attacking.

  27. A very interesting opinion. I think the market are very inflationed and one day the things and market´s return to reality. In europe the situation is not equality, but is similar. The capital of companies and the market are very inflacioned for the reality. Thanks for your visit to my blog and sorry for my english (practical missing) .

    A good weekend for you Sr. Freddie.

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