Wednesday, May 23, 2007


The founding fathers almost to a man distrusted a democracy form of government. They all saw pure democracy as mostly mob rule. That is why we have the Electoral College and the senate was supposed to be an appointed body. The truth is we actually have a republic form of government. I think we are now paying the price for changing the senate to an elected body.

It is becoming clear more and more with modern scientific polling and political pandering that we are face to face with mob rule concerning the Iraq war. The political pressure to flee out of Iraq at any cost is actually churned up by mob rule and political polling. The mostly socialist minded liberal press makes sure the general public is kept ignorant of the dire consequences of leaving Iraq unstable.

They won’t tell the American public that that region contains about one third of the world’s supply of oil. They won’t tell the American people that fleeing Iraq will damage the American economy or may even destroy it. They won’t tell the public if we don’t get our sixty percent overseas oil supplies the eighteen-wheelers don’t roll and bellies may not be filled. The end result is we have a general public that is ignorant on what it takes for this nation to survive with oil as its lifeblood.

Make no mistake about it; this is all about power, the liberal press and liberal politicians knows these dire facts. But, they would rather milk the suffering, the grief, and low pain threshold for all it is worth.The technique rewarded them in 06, and like I said then, the liberals may be shallow but they are not stupid, they just think the general public is. They will not flee Iraq at any cost, but they will do just about anything to make the uninformed American general public think that they will.

The same reason is to again harvest the masses of antiwar "pie in the sky" votes like in 06. Now, they are back at the well for a double dipping in 08. The proof why they are pretending is they won't dare threaten to cut off funds. Sometimes if given enough rope one will hang himself. But, in my view the only thing that is going to save conservatives from another horse whipping in 08 is an all out blitz to educate the general public on the truth.

Sure, big liberal media is going to scream fear mongers, but the truth must prevail or conservatives are toast in 08. The general public sees the government as an omnipotent sugar daddy, especially women. They don't realize that our nice air-conditioned homes, the nice cars we drive, and the gas at the pumps are not automatic and a given.

The same ones cursing and raising hell about the sacrifices being made in the Iraq war will be the same ones screaming and complaining the loudest when no gas will be at the pumps if we flee. We all should be committed to stabilizing the place and then getting the hell out of there, but not before it is somewhat stable.
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  3. While I am not american, I certainly agree with you! I just don't get why the americans don't see it your way, my guess is they will get it but not before its too late. Problem is it will be too late for us Canadians as well.

  4. Your blog is very, very interesting. Happy holidays.